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Description Specification Notes
Rated power 500kW Long time operation
Rated capacity 1000kWh AC side
Output wiring Three-phase four-wire/Three-phase five-wire  
On-grid Mode Rated output voltage 315Vac/400Vac No transformer/With transformer
Output voltage range 85%Un~110%Un </tdstyle=”padding-bottom:>
Rated output frequency 50Hz</tdstyle=”padding-bottom:>  
Frequency range 49.5Hz~50.5Hz  
THDI <3%  
Power factor -0.9~0.9  
Off-grid with load Rated output voltage 400V With transformer
Output voltage precision <±3% Rated power
THD <1% Linear load
Rated output frequency 50±2%Hz  
Voltage variation range <10% Resistance load 0%~100%
Max. system efficiency 88%  
Storage temperature -35℃~55℃  
Work temperature -25℃~40℃ Inside battery cabinet
Relative work humidity 5%~95% No condensation
Noise level ≤65dB Measured from 1m away
IP level IP54  
External communication interface Ethernet MODBUS(TCP/IP)
Container dimensions 12192*2438*2896mm W*D*H