SHREEFORCE Portable Power SUPPLY (PPS) is developed by Shreenath Smart Technologies Pvt. Ltd. for applications in residences, health care centers, rural electrification outdoor events, camping, military usage and natural disaster management.

SHREEFORCE Portable Power Supply has built in Lithium-Ion battery inverter, Solor charger & Ac charger so it can be directly charged using solar panels or the grid and can provide AC as well as DC output. It is an ideal replacement for diesel/petrol/kerosene generators & Lead-acid battery based inverters.

It is portable, easy to operate and can power most daily life household and office appliances like television, light, electric fan, laptop, computer, mobile phone and so on.

Length x Width x Height(mm)  400 x 210 x 394 (approx.)  430 x 210 x 455 (approx.)
Weight (kg)  ~ 14 kg  ~ 24 kg
Cell Chemistry LiFePO4
PPS DC Voltage (V) 12.8
Charging options Solar PV and AC Mains (Grid)
AC Charging Voltage(V) 180VAC-240VAC
DC Output(V) 5Vx4, 12Vx 4
Nominal AC Output Voltage (V) 220 ± 10%
Total Capacity (Wh) 1075 1920
Peak Output Power(W) 1050 1500
Continuous Output Power (W) 350 600
Operating Temperature Range (°C) 0 ~ 50
Cycle Life Capacity @80% (25°C) Greater than 4000 cycles
Features Robust Metal case. Safe. Neat panel. Direct charging from Solar panel or AC Mains. USB and 3 – pin AC outputs available. BIS and IEC Certified. Touchscreen LCD display for working mode selection.
Protection Over-Charge, Over-Discharge, Over-Load, Over -Temperature
IP 22
Storage Temperature 20~35 °C
Inverter output waveform Pure sine wave

Salient Features

  • Lithium-Ion based storage
  • Light weight, modular structure, easy to handle, transport and commission
  • Protection against raw environment and theft as all crucial functional blocks like battery, BMS & controller are housed in a single enclosure
  • Easy connectivity between solar panel, PPG and loads. No special tools required for connection (plug and play)
  • Easy to operate through properly marked panel controls & indications
  • Long life and reliable performance
  • Cost-effective performance from PPG over a longer period of time
  • All essential control and protection functions performed by a single electronic circuitry
  • Easy to handle, maintain, operate and better reliability
  • It can be placed indoors since it does not required any fuel and has zero emmissions

Optional Features

  • Real time control and monitoring through GPRS
  • Facility of data collection and analysis, remote programming, report generation, optimized use of sola energy, optimized grid power distribution & control of each unit through GPRS
PPS – 2000: Front View
PPS – 2000: Rear View