SHREENATH SMART TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD. face thermal access control and attendance machine is a combination of infrared thermal imaging technology, dynamic face detection technology. A new generation of intelligent body temperature detection, access control and attendance products that integrate key technologies such as intelligent temperature correction technology. It has the characteristics of high temperature measurement sensitivity, fast collection speed, non-interference with the measured target, and safe use. It also realizes accurate face recognition and mask wearing detection under the condition of wearing a mask. When a person with abnormally high body temperature is identified, the device will immediately alarm and capture a picture, which can promptly and effectively remind the staff to further deal with the suspected fever personnel. The product can be used independently or perfectly integrated with the original access control system. During the epidemic prevention period, double verification of body temperature and identity is enabled to ensure the health and safety of personnel.

Non Contact Precise
Temperature Monitoring

Built-in non-contact high-precision thermal imaging module, temperature
measurement accuracy ± 0.3 oC, no need to touch during attendance and
door opening, to avoid cross infection.

Face Recognition

The face recognition algorithm independently sold by Shreenath Smart
Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (SSTPL) has high recognition efficiency and accuracy

Face Recognition With Face Mask

Users can be accurately identified without removing the mask,
further protecting personal and public health.

Mask Wearing Detection

Supports mask detection, can detect whether a
person carries a mask, and give voice prompts.

Multiple Import Methods

At the same time, it supports the function of importing live
and photos in batches.

Attendance Check

The system can accurately count and identify its work attendance
according to the start and end time of the user using the device.

Fast Response

Built-in AI algorithm independently sold by Shreenath Smart Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (SSTPL)
realizes body temperature detection and face recognition in milliseconds,
users do not need to wait and pass quickly.


Shreenath Smart Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (SSTPL) integrated intelligent management platform, including AI intelligent temperature measurement warning, face authentication, face access control, attendance management, intelligent conference and other sub-systems, unified management and interconnection of multiple subsystems can be realized under one platform, to meet the needs of centralized system management, multi-level networking, information sharing, interconnection and interoperability, and multi-service integration, and truly achieve “integrated” management to improve user ease of use and management efficiency.


It is suitable for different scenarios such as office buildings, parks, campuses, factories, and confidential institutions, to meet human body temperature detection, personnel attendance, and channel management under epidemic prevention and control requirements.