Shreenath Smart Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (SSTPL)

is one stop shop for complete smart card & mobile based technology.

  • Smart Cards Printers

  • Card Embossing and Personalization Systems

  • Smart Card Manufacturing Systems

  • SCOSTA based chip Modules

  • GSM SIM and USIM/3G Chip Modules

  • Reader/Writers and Software

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Battery Energy Storage Solution (BESS)

SSTPL offers cost-effective and highly efficient energy storage solutions suitable for wind and solar energy applications on-grid and off-grid system, solar rooftop application and micro-grid which are customized as well as available off-the shelf.  READ MORE

  • Energy capacity available up to 4MWh per container

  • High Energy and Power Density.

  • Low Internal Impedance

  • High power output capability

  • Low temperature increment

  • Longer Cycle Life (2C Charge /3C Discharge > 3500 Cycles)

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